Crossing Paths
A short film featuring The concept of the personalization of experience and "Sonder." Sonder is the idea that each person that passes by us is living a unique life with vivid memories, thoughts, and experiences. Often these people are more connected to us and our lives than we realize.
Portraits of the pandemic
A silent film
a look at life just weeks before Nationwide shutdown due to covid-19 vs  quarantine experiences and the opportunities it allowed for personal growth while adjusting to new routine and lifestyle
A Look into the Creative Process
The understanding of the creative process and the necessary steps to achieve a purposeful project is essential for producing successful deliverables. Therefore, “A Look Into the Creative Process” captivates the frustration that comes along with starting a new piece.
Interactive museum video installation
After the tunnel of sleep deprivation, users will be greeted with an introduction video that will play on the wall of the first room. It is a series of videos regarding sleep and people with a timer interrupting the clips. The video steadily gets more dramatic with the end slogan, “Sleep When Your Dead Mindset is Outdated.”
The carousel Keeps on Turning
a horror non-narrative animation 
Videos courtesy of and

Los Angeles in Reflection
A video highlighting experiences  on a field study trip to LA with Graphic Design students.
Song: Tired of Waiting by Hallman (
Cinemark Rebranding Commercial
Commercial intended to be shown before the movie begins in theaters.
Song:  Flashbacks by Catiso (
Inside A Cave
3D Rendered using Cinema 4d
Recent short commercial inspired by video styles of luxurious fashion brands. Centered around combining the words “elegant” and “rat.” I combined the two to create the inventive company, UnMask, to promote looking beyond looks, clothes, status, etc. Imagery was created with the use of a projector.
Sailboat vs Octopus gif
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