Exhibit #1
As visitors enter the museum they will be greeted by an enclosed walkthrough tunnel area where they will wear the museum’s “sleep deprivation” goggles. These goggles will simulate disorientation as they walk through the area filtered with strobing lights, projections of shadows, and optical illusion mirrors. This simulation will bring to light what notorious all-nighters can really do to your perception of time and space.
Exhibit #2
After the tunnel of sleep deprivation, users will be greeted with an introduction video that will play on the wall of the first room. It is a series of videos regarding sleep and people with a timer interrupting the clips. The video steadily gets more dramatic with the end slogan, “Sleep When Your Dead Mindset is Outdated.”
Exhibit #3
Exhibit #3 is the “Lifespan Simulator.” Users will be able to click through different personas with descriptions of how that person prioritized sleep in their life and their habits. They will then be able to click through a map of the body to see what kind of health effects or circumstances appeared later in their lives. They will them be able to see how long that person lived and why. The different personas and descriptions allow visitors to compare and start thinking about the cause and effects that lack of sleep potentially contributed to.
Exhibit #4
It is relatively common knowledge that less sleep affects someone’s ability to cognitively and physically react to stimuli. The “Game of Reactions” will test just that. Users will be asked to input the number of hours of sleep they received last night and the night before. They will then complete a simple test and their reaction time will be recorded. At the end, they will be able to see how their time compared to other visitors. Additionally, along with the reaction times it will show the number of hours of sleep they inputed. Users can draw conclusions from looking at the data from the very people that entered the exhibit.
Exhibit #5
The Nap Pods are located halfway through the museum. They give the users a chance to experience what the museum is preaching. A nap. The Nap Pods feature a privacy shield that doubles as a screen with the opportunity to connect it to bluetooth to play their own video, etc. Additionally, the seat is equipped with speakers, adjustable reclining abilities, breathable fabric and material, adjustable mood lighting, headphone jack, charging outlet, and shelf to place personal items.
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