Zoë Keating

The project is based off the song Updraught. The song is performed solely by the artist, but layered together to create the appearance of a whole symphony. The cello carries the song the whole time throughout the chaotic and soft sections to create a rhythmic, yet choppy, feel. The song builds in the beginning to come together in the middle at its peak, then fades out as it finishes.

The structure of our mobile represents the rises and falls of the song. It starts out slow, progressing to the switch that is an overall chaotic flow in the middle before ending calmly. The straws are fixed and shorter in a specific structure in the beginning to becoming longer and flowing freely on a string, representing the increase in the music, to fading out to a fixed, shorter ending. All together the piece follows the song because there are many separate pieces, instruments, and sounds used that all compliment and contrast each other to take the listener on a journey to the resolution.


Updraught is chaotic filtered with high intensity. There are moments of “softness” where the listener feels as if the piece is coming to an end. The cello carries the entire piece, but leaves the listener on the edge of their seat. When other instruments joined in, I felt as if I was waiting for something huge to happen, while being pulled in lots of different directions. There are moments where the music slowed down and felt light, as well as airy. The flow made me sad and on edge, while maintaining a high intensity of beauty.

1st Model
2nd Model
3rd Model

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